A sorry excuse of a blog post

This is one of those posts where I tell you, my real or imaginary reader, a few things about nothing in particular.

So yesterday I loaded up my blog with the intent of writing something about that bike race I organized last December (and last February), or maybe a rant about a rather frustrating experience with an experiment in IT systems outsourcing, or even some more stuff about advocacy and social/environmental entrepreneurship (I just finished my MA in Economics in International Development, so perhaps I m currently more intellectually-conscious than usual?) . All the above listed topics either require brain activity to recall events or think deep thoughts. My feet were cold. I can’t think properly with cold feet. With such a lack of mental willingness to invoke deep thoughts or remember stuff then articulate all that in a blog post, I decided to do something else. I decided to update my blog’s software, and in the course of doing that  I totally screwed it up.

My first thought was: Ugh, not again!

It is said that Murphy’s Law was invented in airports. Well, web software gave us Murphy’s Law 2.0. I’ll spare you the gritty details but what I ended up doing is moving the whole thing to a new host (after 5 years of awesome problem free and money-free hosting) and starting from a fresh installation using a database backup saved from weekly autobackups I had, thankfully, set-up earlier.

I took the unsolicited opportunity to update my blog’s theme. This is the, you know, 2010 look…or something.

Mind you, it’s not that I blog that often anyway. As inconsequential as most personal blogs are, including (and especially) mine, it would suck to have it gone in a minor data disaster like that.

So anyway, I’ve noticed that I get a different song stuck in my head for about a week or so before another one sticks in its place. This week’s song is Pearl Jam’s Garden. Very abstract lyrics. Love it.

Speaking of gardens, riding through the “rock gardens” in a short section of trail that I newly discovered in Wadi Degla last weekend reminded me of how much I miss my (now sold) bike. Can’t wait for that new frame to get here. Which reminds me that I don’t have a fork for that frame yet. Bummer. Eying a “discounted” Magura that would still cost me slightly more than a full suspension service on my car even though it is a 2008 model on closeout price (or so claimed).

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